Don’t Create the Next Home Alone – Follow these 6 Tips to keep Your kids Safe at Home

We asked many working couples the toughest parenting challenge they have faced and most of them answered it to be leaving their kids alone at home. Whether you have a full-time job or need to run a few errands, leaving children at home can be a tough decision. Even though your child might be old enough to take care of himself but still there is this nerve-racking feeling whenever you think about leaving him all by himself. So, what can you do to keep the children safe while you’re out of the house?



  • Give them a list of emergency contacts: The children should know the telephone numbers of the parents, grandparents, neighbors, and any trustworthy person. You can create a list and stick it on the refrigerator so that the kids can learn it by heart. Making emergency contacts readily available to them can save up on a lot of stress. Parents also need to teach the children to answer phone calls and take messages without indicating that they are home alone.


  • Lock up the dangers: Kids are supposed to be naughty and mischievous, but you, as a parent, need to be careful. Make sure the harmful chemicals, cleaners, guns, ammunition, knives, razor blades, and power tools are out of the reach for the kids. The danger is present inside as well as outside of the house. You need to invest in reliable locks,especially for the entrance gate. There are various means available like high-security locks, home safe installation, panic bars, and exit devices. And if you are living in and around DC then no need to worry at all. Just call up Mid-Atlantic Locksmith to solve all your security queries.


  • Set ground rules: You need to set some ground rules in order to maintain decorum while you are out. Teach them to stay away from the kitchen gas, not answer the door to any stranger, keeping the doors and windows locked, and also set rules on television and computer time.


  • Prepare food before you go: If you are going to be out even for a couple of hours, make sure to prepare food and leave it in the refrigerator for the kids to have. The food should be such that it can be eaten immediately. This way you will lower the risk of the kids hurting themselves with the kitchen appliances.


  • Monitor your home: Today, we have many technological devices to ensure safety. You can arm your home with monitored security systems through which you can monitor the kids on your smartphones, laptop or tablet.


  • Babysitter: While this option maybe a costly one, but can be effective if your child is a toddler. Hire a sitter with extreme care by going through references and background checks, and also sit over with him/her and have an open, clear, and informed conversation. Let them know that safety rules are crucial to you.

We all are very well aware that nothing is safe without reliable locks. Make sure to invest in high-security lock systems for your home. Mid-Atlantic Locksmith offers unparalleled locksmith services in DC for residential and commercial purpose. Teams of highly trained and skilled locksmith technicians are creatures of habit and deliver the safest and finest services.

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